First Staff Training on Niche Academy

Dear Gila County Library Staff,

We are thrilled to kick off our inaugural training session on the Niche Academy platform. As a united front of eight libraries across Gila County, our mission has always been to foster education, enhance professional development, and deepen our commitment to the communities we serve.

Our journey begins with the insights from Ryan Dowd, a prominent expert on homelessness. Dowd’s teachings provide us with an in-depth understanding of the challenges and needs of the homeless population. With the growth of our communities in mind, it’s essential that we equip ourselves with the knowledge and compassion required to effectively serve all our patrons, including those facing homelessness.

This collective learning opportunity allows us to fortify the values that underpin Gila County libraries: empathy, inclusiveness, and community service. As we dive into this training, I invite each of you to engage actively, share your perspectives, and apply what we learn to make our libraries even more welcoming and resourceful hubs for everyone.

Your contributions during and after this training will not only amplify our shared experience but will also guide the direction of our future professional development endeavors on the Niche Academy platform.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. Together, we continue to make Gila County libraries places of knowledge, compassion, and community.

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Questions to Ponder:

  • What prevalent myths or misunderstandings exist surrounding the issue of homelessness?
  • In what ways might libraries enhance their support for individuals experiencing homelessness?
  • What potential barriers could homeless patrons encounter when attempting to utilize library services?
  • How might we foster an environment of inclusivity and understanding within our library spaces?

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Warm regards,
Madeline Miciotto
Electronic Resource Librarian & ILS Admin
Gila County Library District

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