February Featured Digital Resource

February Feature

Discover the Joy of Learning with Gale In Context: Elementary

This February, we’re delighted to highlight Gale In Context: Elementary, an exceptional digital resource for students in grades 2-4, offering a unique mix of lesson plans and interactive educational content.

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About Gale In Context: Elementary:

A digital platform designed for young students, providing a secure, interactive environment for educational exploration.

Why Choose Gale In Context: Elementary:
Encourages curiosity, strengthens reading skills, and supports critical thinking development thru interactive activities, and a wide range of topics in a safe browsing environment.

Accessing the Platform:
Available 24/7 via [GCLD’s digital resources page] with library credentials.

Custom-Crafted Educational Materials:

  • Fairytales and Fables Lesson Plan: Engages students in storytelling, enhancing comprehension and critical thinking.
  • Ocean Day Trading Cards: Offers an interactive way to learn about marine life and ocean ecosystems.
  • And more!

Gale In Context: Elementary is more than just a resource; it’s a gateway to learning and imagination. We invite educators, parents, and young learners to explore and be inspired.

Begin your educational adventure today by visiting [link to access]

For lesson plans,  additional content, and individualized help contact your electronic resources librarian, Madeline Miciotto at mmiciotto@gilacountyaz.gov 

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